Educating Cultivating and Empowering Sustainable Food Communities in San Diego County

SD Roots Works to:

GROW FOOD and teach others who want to grow their own food.

EDUCATE AND TRAIN the next generation of local farmers and gardeners though classes, workshops and training in gardening homesteading, and farming skills.

PROMOTE COMMUNITY as an effective means to change to a healthier, locally based food system.

HELP PEOPLE find food grown in San Diego County.

CELEBRATE local foods and their seasonality.

PRODUCE, ENCOURAGE and PARTICIPATE in events that strengthen the local food system.

PROMOTE the protection and preservation of farmland in San Diego County.

SUPPORT school gardens and entrepreneurial youth training projects related to sustainable agriculture and the culinary arts.

"A Transformative Year..."

2014 was a transformative year at Wild Willow Farm and Education Center. First and foremost, after four-and-a-half years as subtenants of Suzie's Farm, we were able to get our own five-year lease from the County of San Diego, enabling us to continue growing farmers and food at our scenic little educational farm in the Tijuana River Park.

Having a place to do this work is important of course, for the work is what this is all about. The community that makes up Wild Willow Farm is inspired to continue interacting with, learning from and teaching amazing and intelligent people how to grow and eat food sustainably where we live, and transform the agricultural conversation in our region.

We have a lot to report on. Look below to explore a variety of topics we think might interest and inspire you.

But first I'd like to share my favorite short story of the year, coming out of our field trip program. (more...)

We couldn't do this work without the generous support of many people, organizations and business who all yearn for a healthier food system. This year we got major funding from Ocean Beach People's Organic Food Co-op, Cox Communication and the Trust for Public Lands, musician Jack Johnson, Intuit, SDGE, and Home Depot.

A large community of individuals supported us financially too, and we value each and every one of you!

Please review our thank-you list by clicking here.

San Diego Roots is proud to have created a space to grow our vibrant community of inspired and knowledgeable farmers, gardeners, students, eaters, and activists. Click here to learn more of the successes of Wild Willow Farm and Victory Gardens San Diego. (more...)

All that gets done needs many hands and hearts working together -- staff, board, volunteers and community members. We feel grateful to the many folks who share lovingly of their time and energy, passion, wisdom and inspiration. Truly, this is what keeps us going. We do this for you and with you.

Join us as we thank our community!

One outcome of establishing our programs is having opportunities to reach out to new communities, to feed people both quality food and knowledge.

Click here to see what we're working on for 2015.

Sponsor a future farmer's enrollment in farm school.

Fund a Farmshare box for a local, low-income family.

Sponsor a field trip and give school kids a memorable experience on a farm.

These are just a few affordable ways your support can make a difference in people's lives, while transforming the way they look at food.

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At Wild Willow Farm & Education Center we are firing on all cylinders.

After four years as a sub-tenant, last November we signed a five-year lease with the County of San Diego. This is allowing us to make long-range strategic improvements to our facilities and programs.

Wild Willow Farm is now a fully functioning, productive educational farm, and becoming more so each day. We've run a modest surplus for two years running. (more...)