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Giving small makes a big difference to our farm.

Just $10 changes the way a whole project is manifested by our volunteers, students, and farmers.

So, how does $10 help our farm grow food, farmers, and community?

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San Diego Roots Sustainable Food Project
is a growing network of citizens, farmers, chefs, gardeners, teachers, and students working to encourage the growth and consumption of regional food. From farm to fork, we focus awareness and work toward a more ecologically sound, economically viable and socially just food system in San Diego.

By eating locally, not only do you get fresher, better-tasting food, but you also help support family farms and encourage a vibrant local economy. Please explore the bountiful agricultural and gardening opportunities in San Diego, learn how to become an informed participant in our local food system, and help us encourage others to do the same.

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Wild Willow Farm is where we teach people essential sustainable farming skills, host homesteading and gardening workshops, hold community events, and train the next generation of sustainable farmers for our region. The farm is located on the banks of the beautiful and wild Tijuana River Nature Preserve (USA), two miles from the coast, about 15-minutes from downtown San Diego.

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Victory Gardens San Diego is our urban agriculture program where we help people start growing their own food through collaborative garden builds, and hands-on education community outreach throughout San Diego County.

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"A Transformative Year..."

2014 Year-end Report

2014 was a transformative year at Wild Willow Farm and Education Center. First and foremost, after four-and-a-half years as subtenants of Suzie's Farm, we were able to get our own five-year lease from the County of San Diego, enabling us to continue growing farmers and food at our scenic little educational farm in the Tijuana River Park.

Having a place to do this work is important of course, for the work is what this is all about. The community that makes up Wild Willow Farm is inspired to continue interacting with, learning from and teaching amazing and intelligent people how to grow and eat food sustainably where we live, and transform the agricultural conversation in our region. We have a lot to report on, and many to thank.

2014 Year-end Report, recognitions, and thank yous.

List of contributors to San Diego Roots

Many thanks to these fine folks for generously supporting our work!

Ocean Beach People's Organic Food Co-op has provided an ongoing grant of $1000/month in support of our educational field trips to the farm for local school kids since May of 2011. People's Co-op has also made many other donations and provided strong support for our efforts and common goals over the years.

Local Race/Run producer Sandy Feet Events raised $1100 for the farm at the 2014 Wild Willow Farm 5K & Chili Brewfest. Sandy Feet also raises funds for us at the annual Resolution Run held each January in Mission Bay.. Since 2011 Sandy Feet Events has raised over $7800 for Wild Willow Farm!

Musician Jack Johnson and the Johnson Ohana Foundation gave $3000 and promotional support during his local appearance in September 2014. Jack has been a strong supporter of our work and since 2008 has donated $14000 for both Victory Gardens San Diego and Wild Willow Farm.

Jimbo's Naturally contributed $1,180 in 2013 via their "It's in the Bag" program, representing 23,602 votes for our work, and saving 30,434 recycled bags. Since 2010, Jimbo's bag program has raised nearly $4000 for the farm.

Cox Communication and The Trust for Public Land awarded $10,000 to Wild Willow Farm in recognition of SD Roots founder and director, Mel Lions, as winner of the Cox Conserves 2014 Volunteer Hero of the Year for San Diego County.

The Gerson Institute donated $2000 in support of Wild Willow Farm in October 2014. Since 2009 these remarkable people, who teach how to use healthy food to sustain our bodies, have donated over $6000 in support of both Victory Gardens San Diego and Wild Willow Farm.

Patagonia Provisions donated $2500 in October 2014 to support our educational programs for agicultural sustainability.

Alexandria Real Estate donated $1250 following a group teambuilding afternoon at Wild Willow Farm.

Starlite donated $662 in proceeds during their Seventh Anniversary Celebration Week.

True Food Kitchen donated $500 as part of their True Foods Challenge.

County of San Diego Neighborhood Reinvestment Program awared us $15,000 in 2013 to install fencing and upgrade our irrigation system.

County of San Diego Community Enhancement Program awarded $5000 in 2015 for development of nature-interpretive signs, work with the TJ River Valley to promote public education, and to buy us a tablet to use around the farm for volunteer enrollment; and awarded us $3000 in 2014 to promote Wild Willow School for Sustainable Farming

2013 SDG&E Environmental Champion Grant: $5000 for program improvements.

Kashi REAL Project: In 2015 the fine folks at Kashi donated a Chevy Astrovan worth $4500 that we use for farm deliverie; Since 2011, Kashi REAL and Kashi employees have donated over $33,000 to support our work at Wild Willow Farm & Education Center.

Horizon Foundation: in 2015 awarded us $2000 in support of our farm school, and in 2013 awarded a grant of $5000 to support our farm school and install a volunteer coordinator.

MineralMaxx had donated a ton (literally!) of OMRI certified minerals we use to grow healthy soil and make our food taste great!

If you or your company would like to join this list and support our efforts to educate everyone about the food system and train the next generation of farmers for San Diego County, please click here.