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Thank you for helping us Grow the Farm!

Wild Willow Farm is a place for San Diegans of all ages to learn how to garden and farm, connect with food and farmers, and meet other local-food enthusiasts.

Our Grow the Farm Campaign helps us buy the many things a growing farm needs: trees, irrigation supplies, tools, educational materials, and much more.

Here's what your donation buys:

$40 $45

Seed trays
Book for the WWF library
Baby chicks
Field Trip Journal
Cooking utensils
Folding chair (we need 100)
Kitchen supplies
Signs & posters
Young fruit trees
Table coverings
Roll of hardware cloth
Internship Journal
Animal feed

$300 $400

PVC irrigation pipe & fittings
All-season tent for campers
Sponsor a 30-student field trip
Digital camera
Roll of drip irrigation tape
3-compartment sink
Vermont Garden Cart
Advanced Internship/month
Outreach event fee
6-burner propane stove
Chicken tractor
Internship/per intern for six months
Outdoor classroom

To make your donation:

First, tell us who you are and what you'd like to donate. Then click through to the next page to donate via PayPal or by check.

Step 1: Tell us who you are

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Your donation can also make a meaningful, socially conscious gift.

Honor your friends and family in the best way possible: give them the gift of a better world. Every gift donation sends an important message to someone you care about: that you want a healthier, more delicious and just world for them to live in. We'll email you a letter thanking you for your tax-deductible donation (for the IRS) and a personalized gift card to send to your honorees.

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We celebrate participation. As a small organization with diverse experience and long-term vision, we pledge to use all of the resources we receive with efficiency and thoughtfulness. We believe that we can all participate and we can all give. Thank your for making a financial contribution to enable us to advance the community-based response to food security in San Diego.