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Thank you for supporting our work this holiday season

Giving small makes a big difference to our farm.

Just $10 changes the way a project is manifested by our volunteers, students, and farmers.

Here are 10 ways $10 helps us grow food, farmers, and community:
$10 enriches 100 feet of soil with nutrients from our farm-made complete organic fertilizer.
$10 grows 50 delicious plants from non-gmo seeds sourced from small farmers like us.
$10 provides 5 scrumptious alfalfa meals for the goats.
$10 fuels 1 hour of flickering firelight at a farm open house bonfire.
$10 buys wood for 1 hour of pizza-making in our wood-fired pizza oven.
$10 fills 8 heaping wheelbarrows of rich locally made compost.
$10 buys 5 pairs of new gloves for volunteers.
$10 puts gas in our delivery van to deliver produce to 3 San Diego neighborhoods: Chula Vista, University Heights, and Hillcrest.
$10 fixes 4 irrigation leaks with couplings for drip lines.
$10 x 10 = $100 if you gather ten friends to support our work. Will you?

Mother Teresa said, "Do small things with great love." These words inspired us, and we hope they'll inspire you to give this holiday season.

Give $10 or More Now

To make a tax-deductible donation via PayPal, click on the image to the right,
or send a check to PO Box 640, Imperial Beach California 91933.

If paying by PayPal, you may also choose to make a monthly recurring donation in support of our work.

Thank you!

Infrastructure projects to fund

Active Compost Bins $750
Build progressive-bin system for active composting and lessons.

Crop Storage Shed $1400
Build critter-proof storage for crops that don't need refrigeration.

Replace Goat Fencing $1200
Build more secure, more friendly fencing for goats and people.

Kitchen Upgrades $2500
hot-water and sink upgrade, gray-water upgrade, improved storage and counters.

Walk-in Cooler $1200
Keeping things cool is important.

Website Upgrade $1000
Make our website mobile-friendly.

Programs to fund

Educate a Veteran $500
Funds a scholarship for one veteran, active-duty or spouse for Farming 101.

Educate a Classroom $300
Funds an educational field trip for a class of 60 for that otherwise couldn't afford one.

General Support Unlimited
We promise to make the best use of your support as we grow all of our programs.

Your support helps us improve our facility and expand our programs.

Your tax-deductible donation to Wild Willow Farm helps us build infrastructure and offer greater learning opportunities for students and and the public. 

We live and work to create a more-robust, local food system by teaching people how to grow food in San Diego. We sprouted from community need fifteen years ago and now now have a vibrant five-year-old farm and teaching center where we are growing food, teaching new farmers, and are gathering a community of those who seek a more delicious, more local, and more sustainable food system.

Your donation helps us keep our work moving forward.

Honor your vision for this healthier world by offering your support.

We have big plans for 2016!

As we've grown from a field of weeds, we've outgrown much of our basic infrastructure, things we now need to upgrade or install new. We'd also enjoy offering our programs free to qualifying students and schools. Many of our main projects and program needs are listed on the right. Your sponsorship makes these happen.