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If you want to make a DONATION, please go to our Support page.
If you want to pay for a GROUP TRIP or ACTIVITYplease click here.
I f you want to pay for a FARM SCHOOL please click here.
If you want to pay for a SERVICE, WORKSHOP, PURCHASE or OTHER FEE please click here.


Step 1: Fill out Application Form

Payments should only be made after you've filled out an application and have received your confirmation. Then procede to Step 2.

See below if you'd like to Sponsor a Field Trip.

Step 2) Pay Deposit for FIELD TRIP or GROUP ACTIVITY

We require a $100 booking fee to reserve your desired date. Date will not be considered firm until the deposit has been received. Upon receipt of deposit, we'll contact you with a confirmation of booking and further instructions.

Name of School or Group Date of Trip

Step 3) Pay Balance Due for FIELD TRIP or GROUP ACTIVITY

Please do not pay the balance until you have paid the booking fee and you've been contacted about further payment instructions.

Amount of Payment
Name of School or Group Date of Trip


Sponsor a Field Trip or Group Trip

Use this option if you'd like to sponsor a field trip or group trip. Sponsorships are tax deductible.

Though not required, best is if the trip has been applied for and a you have received a trip confirmation.

In all cases, let us know which school is being sponsored, or if this you'd like us to choose from among our neighborhood schools.

Group Size | School-Group being sponsored