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Wild Willow School for Sustainable Farming

Tier 1: Farming Fundamentals

The Tier 1 program starts with Farming 101: Introduction to Small-Scale Farming. After completing this seven-week (seven Saturdays, six Wednesday nights) course, graduates wishing to deepen their knowledge of farming techniques and strategies can enroll as Tier 1 (T1) Farming Students. Tier 1 Students are actively learning and practicing farming skills while participating as vital members of the Wild Willow Farm community.

Tier 1 Program Scope

The Tier-1 Program is the next step in your education at Wild Willow Farm. As a Tier-1 student, you will reinforce and deepen Farming 101 teachings through mini workshops and a blend of guided and independent hands-on practice. Upon completion of Tier 1, you will have the confidence to grow food in San Diego for personal enjoyment or professional applications.

The fundamental skills necessary to complete Tier-1 are listed below. By your end date, you must complete 40 total hours of skills work, which includes 10 elective hours. These may be spent on tasks of your choosing, beyond the established minimum required hours within each category.

Composting: 4 hours
Bed Preparation: 5 hours
Propagation: 5 hours
Irrigation: 1 hours
IPM: 2 hours
Plant Maintenance: 5 hours
Harvesting: 6 hours
Community: 2 hours
Elective Hours: 10 hours
Total Hours required to complete Tier 1: 40

This system provides you with the framework to develop a well-rounded set of farming skills and the freedom to explore and specialize in your interest areas both independently and under our instructional guidance. certificate of accomplishment

Completion Certificate

Upon successful completion of 40 or more hours by your end date, you will be eligible to receive a Certificate in Urban Sustainable Farming and to progress into the Tier-2 Program.

To obtain your certificate in Urban Sustainable Farming, you must complete the following:

--> Farming 101: Introduction to Small-Scale Farming
--> Farming 102: Growing Seasonal Crops
--> Tier-1 Checklist: 40 hrs (minimum) of skill building
--> Program Evaluation

Tier-1 students who do not complete 40 hours of skill building within three months have the option to continue as a Tier-1 student with the same access to the farm and mini workshops.

T1 Farm Students Perks:

Half-price enrollment in some non-core classes
Sharing of harvest day abundance
Free plant starts and cuttings (when available)
Access to cut your own flowers
Access to library
Free goat manure (!)
Seed sharing
Student access/rates for Wild Willow Farm products.
Preferred rates for venue rentals
Preferred rates for FarmShare box
Super Farmbassador Status
Being a valued supporting member of the Wild Willow Farm Community!

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