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Community Farm Day

Potlucks are no more.

After long and difficult consideration, we've decided to move away from the Community Potlucks we've had in summers past. While we've enjoyed them tremendously, they were no longer serving our needs and too challenging to sustain.

New: Community Farm Day

Celebrating and Supporting Wild Willow Farm

Volunteering, Classes, Yoga, Tours, Wood-fired Pizza, Bonfire+

Third Saturdays from May to October
(Events vary month to month. See this month's timeline below)

Saturday, July 15

Suggested Donation: $10 (with work-trade and upgrade options)

at Wild Willow Farm & Education Center

click here for a map (we recommend you use our map)

Farming is all about food, and food is best when shared with community, so what better way to say that than by hosting a monthly community gathering? On third Saturdays each month from May through October, we open the doors for classes, volunteering, yoga, tours, food and more. Not only are we raising funds that keep our operation's gates open, on these days, Wild Willow gives thanks to our amazing community of students, volunteers, educators, fans and eaters of every stripe. Familiar faces and new smiles are always welcome to these joyous gatherings that include educational workshops, volunteer activities, farm tour, and more. See photos from our May 2014 potluck taken by Gregory Berg.

Farm Rules

We welcome everyone, but please leave your pets at home.
Single-use water bottles are banned; we have drinking water for your refillable bottle.
Please Bring Reusables/Refillables (as necessary): plates, bowls, utensils, bags and water bottles.
Zero Waste Event: Please plan to pack out what you bring in.
Be kind, be conscious, be here. Breathe.

We thank you for your support.

Tentative Timeline for July 15
(subject to change)

10am to 2pm: Public Volunteering
(work-trade option for admission)

10am-noon: Class: Zero Waste Cooking.
Learn how to tastefully use all the leaves, shoots, stems of produce and to explore cooking/fermentation methods. (in partnership with the Resource Conservation District of Greater San Diego County)

1 to 5pm: Farmstand Open
Purchase freshly harvested WWF veggies, plant starts and eggs (subject to availability).

2pm: Farm Tour
It looks like we're growing food, but what we're really doing is changing the world. See what we do, and learn why and how we do it. Led by Wild Willow staff and students. Know your farmer, know your farm, know your food.

3pm to 6pm: Woodfired Pizza with farm fresh veggies on organic sourdough crust. Work-trade option: bring a HOMEMADE DISH using LOCALLY SOURCED ingredients, enough to share with friends. Store-bought food does not qualify.

4pm: Yoga in the Classroom
($5 donation graciously accepted)

Dates for 2017: July 15, August 19, September 16, October 21