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Wild Willow Farm Volunteering, Tours, Group Activities and Venue Rental

Wild Willow Farm offers active and inspiring tours, activities, classes, volunteering and life-enhancing experiences for individuals, families, companies, organizations and community groups of all ages.

Group Activities and Classes
Venue Rental
Field Trips


Volunteering: Individuals, Families, Friends Open Volunteering is for individuals, families or friends in groups of five or fewer that need no additional facilitation and can be split up into tasks. Any group larger than five would be a Group Activity.
No cost, reservations or application necessary for five or fewer people.
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Tours Groups of five or more can have tours customized for their interests and schedule. Tours typically last one hour, and do not include hands-on activities.
Cost: $10/person ($50 minimum)
Use application below.

Group Activities and Classes

Group Activities This is for groups larger than five, or on days other than Saturdays, or any group that would like additional facilitation or a common activity. Bring your school group, company, club, yoga studio or sports team to our farm and get your hands dirty. We'll lead your group through an authentic farm experience as we tour the farm and lead your team in a faciltated activity on the farm specifically designed to bring your whole team together to work for a common cause. Prices quoted are for two hours of facilitated time.

Days of the week: We offer group trips on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays between the hours of 10am to 2pm. Your group may bring a bag lunch with you to eat in our barn following your trip (please plan on packing out your trash).

10 or fewer: $120 (additional time: $40/hour)
11 to 20: $180 (additional time: $60/hour)
21 to 40: $300 (additional time: $80/hour)
41 to 60: $400 (additional time: $100/hour)

Use application below.

Group Classes and Workshops Our staff and reliable community experts (i.e., our friends) can lead your group in programmed workshops and activites around food and farming, cooking, sustainable food systems, permaculture, gardening, composting and more. Includes farm tour.
$20 person (20-person minimum)
Use application below.

Venue Rental: Weddings, Celebrations, Parties

Venue Rental Wild Willow Farm makes a wonderful setting for your private special occasion! Have a rustic farm wedding, birthday party or group celebration. We've got covered and outdoor spaces, a farm kitchen, bathrooms, a sound system and projection capabilities, and have hosted events up to about 250 people. We can mix in any or all of what we do, depending on your needs.

IMPORTANT: Wild Willow Farm is available for private events only, and cannot be used for events that charge admission and/or are advertised to the general public.

Fees vary. Tell us more about what you want in your application, and how many people you expect. Fees charged go toward supporting our educational and agricultural purposes.
Use application below.

Field Trips

Wild Willow Farm offers active, inspiring field trips for school and community groups of all ages. Your group will be able to take part in a variety of on-farm lessons, on topics from composting to farm insects to water, and take an active part in growing food! Go to our Field Trip page.


Scheduling Generally we schedule group activities on the second and fourth Saturdays of the month, but we entertain all offers. Weekday options are available.

Rain policy During our rainy season (November-March), we can get uncomfortably muddy. Therefore we schedule group activities with preferred date and a backup dates in case your preferred date gets rained out. If it's been raining heavily at the farm the day before you're scheduled, or predicted for any portion of the scheduled date, the trip will be cancelled. If it's rained a lot over several days prior to a scheduled activity, it could be cancelled as well. We will be in close contact with you if these conditions are present.

Trash The farm does not have trash service. Please plan on packing out your trash and recyclables, or choose to pay $150 service fee.

Appropriate attire For full participation, everyone should wear long pants, long sleeves and close-toed shoes. It's very dusty and there might be stinging nettles, rocks or tools, ants, bees or rough patches. Dressing in layers is recommended as the farm can have inclement weather (very hot and sunny or very windy, cold, and muddy).

Terrain We are a farm. Pathways can be uneven, rough, muddy or dusty, with the occasional gopher hole here and there. This can be challenging to those who have limited motor skills, as well as our youngest and oldest community members. We urge the utmost awareness and care when walking around the farm.

Bring Sunscreen, drinking water, snacks. We have beehives, so it is important for anyone with allergies (bees, plants, etc.) to bring any medication they might need to the farm.

Farm Rules

We welcome everyone, but please leave your pets at home.
Single-use water bottles are banned; we have drinking water for your refillable bottle.
Please Bring Reusables/Refillables (as necessary): plates, bowls, utensils, bags and water bottles.
Zero Waste: Please plan to pack out what you bring in.
Be kind, be conscious, be here. Breathe.

We thank you for your support.

WWF Group Activity Application Form

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