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Application to Wild Willow School for Sustainable Farming


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Before applying, please read and understand the details outlined for the class:
Farming 101: Introduction to Small-scale Regenerative Farming

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Session you are applying for: Fall 2018 (Sep 29 to Nov 10)
Winter 2019 (Jan 5 to Feb 16)
Spring 2019 (Mar 16 to Apr 27)
Summer 2019 (Jun 15 to Jul 27)
Fall 2019 (Sep 28 to Nov 9)

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We accept a few volunteer interns who are ready to commit to at least three months of learning at Wild Willow Farm, and are ready to grow into budding new farmers and/or good food community advocates. This is an immersive program that provides a share in the farm bounty, free attendance to all Wild Willow classes and programming during the internship, one-on-one mentorship with our farmers, and an opportunity to gain valuable experience as a farm guide and trip leader. You must apply at least 30 days before the course starts. To review internship requirements, click here.

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*Why are you interested in sustainable agriculture and this program?

*What previous experience do you have in farming or gardening?
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