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News, Workshops and Upcoming Events

FARM SCHOOL: Basics of Sustainable Farming Two sessions of our popular 12-week course
--> TRACK A: Wednesday nights and Saturdays begins 4/23 offered for those who work "regular" jobs
--> TRACK B: Thursdays all day begins 4/24

NEXT POTLUCK: April 19 Volunteering, events and activities all day
POTLUCK DAY WORKSHOP: Beermaking Saturday, April 19
POTLUCK DAY WORKSHOP: Decorative Mosaics Saturday, April 19
WORKSHOP: The Cooperative Business Model Saturday, May 3
WORKSHOP: Cheesemaking Saturday, May 17
FARMSHARE CSA Now enrolling members Weekly harvest share of WWF Produce
VOLUNTEERING: Every Saturday 11am to 4pm

Community Event: April Potluck

Saturday, April 19

Volunteering, Farm Tour, Potluck, Wood-fired Pizza,
Music, Bonfire and more!

@ Wild Willow Farm

click here for a map (we recommend you use our map)

(donations in support of our programs are appreciated)

Schedule for the Day (rain cancels)

Our farm is all about community, so what better way to say that than by hosting a monthly community gathering? On third Saturdays each month from March through November, we host volunteer opportunities, tours, a grand potluck meal, and bonfire.

Please Bring

Something yummy to share (extra points for something homemade using organic, locally grown ingredients). Please label your dish and ingredients (share your recipes!).

Your own plate, cup and eating utensils help us keep this a zero-waste event.
Please pack out your recylables and trash.

Jacket and warm clothing. It gets surprisingly cold here at night.

We welcome everyone, but please leave your pets at home.

About our potlucks: volunteering, free mini-workshops, farm tour, potluck, bonfire, drumming. Farming is all about food. And food is best when shared with community. At our potlucks Wild Willow gives thanks to our amazing community of students, volunteers, educators, fans and eaters of every stripe. Familiar faces and new smiles are always welcome to these joyous gatherings that include educational workshops, volunteer activities, farm tour, potluck dinner, and drum circle around our cob firepit.

2014 POTLUCKS: May 17, June 21, July 19, August 16, September 20, October 18, November 15

POTLUCK DAY WORKSHOP Introduction to Beermaking

Introduction to Beermaking

Saturday, April 19, noon-4pm
stick around afterward for the potluck!

Meet in The Barn @ Wild Willow Farm

click here for a map (we recommend you use our map)

$40 per person.
All participants must be 21+ years old.

Come down to the farm to gain a deeper appreciation for all things beer with Chris and George from the Homebrewer. We will begin brewing a 5 gallon batch of beer using the "partial-grain" method of homebrewing, which is ideal for beginners. During the brew we will discuss the key ingredients in beer, equipment requirements, and the basic process.

POTLUCK DAY WORKSHOP: Decorative Mosaics

Recycling Found Objects into Decorative Mosaics

Saturday, April 19, noon-4pm
stick around afterward for the potluck!

Meet in The Barn @ Wild Willow Farm

click here for a map (we recommend you use our map)

Donation requested to cover materials costs.

Interested in gaining the skills and confidence to turn boring objects into beautiful ones? Join us as we bring life to some dreary concrete walls. We will be using new and used tiles, broken ceramics, stained glass, mirrors, shells, stones, glass marbles, old keys and other found objects to create a mosaic.

You'll be learning through a hands-on experience with our farm friends Marlowe and Kathleen. They'll cover the materials and process involved in creating a mosaic almost anywhere. Bring some tiles and other found objects you've been saving to contribute to the mosaic. Let your imagination go wild as to what could be included!

Join us and tap into your inner, creative, child!

Wild Willow School for Sustainable Farming

Farming 101:
Basics of Small-scale Sustainable Farming

12-week instructional and practical experience
on a working sustainable farm.

taught by Paul Maschka

TRACK A: Wednesday evening classes + Saturday lab/practicum

starts Wednesday, April 23

Classes at Liberty Station (Point Loma) Wednesdays, 6:30 to 9:30pm
Farm Lab/Practicum at Wild Willow Farm, Saturdays, 9am to 4pm
Course runs April 23 to July 12

TRACK B: Thursday daytime classes/lab + weekday practicum

starts Thursday, April 24

Classes/Lab at Wild Willow Farm on Thursdays, 9am to 4pm
Farm Practicum on choice of Mon., Tues., or Wed., 9am to 1pm
Course runs April 24 to July 10

Click here for more information

Wild Willow Farm's 12-week Sustainable Farming 101 course offers students and introduction to techniques and strategies for small farming or agricultural advocacy, or to simply grow more of their own food.

The course consists of weekly lectures and fieldwork where students learn what it takes to work a small organic farm. Students take part in classroom lectures and projects, and work alongside farm staff to practice material covered in class.

WORKSHOP The Cooperative Business Model

How to start them and how they
benefit our communities

RSVP for Workshop

Enrollee's Name

After making your RSVP, you will be sent a confirmation and further instructions. RSVP fees are not refundable unless the class is cancelled, or we are notified of your non-attendance 48 hours before the class.

Saturday, May 3, 9am to 4pm

presented by Stephanie Mood from
Ocean Beach People's Organic Food Co-op

In The Barn @ Wild Willow Farm

click here for a map (we recommend you use our map)

Course Fee: $60 for Primary Attendee
Cooperative friends who join you attend for $30/each (no limit)
Farm-fresh lunch included

A cooperative is a business or organization owned by and operated for the benefit of those using its services. Profits and earnings generated by the cooperative are distributed among its member/owners and poured back into the business. Money stays in the community. The cooperative business model has a long history, is found all over the world, and is based on seven democratic principles such a business purchases on behalf of its member/owners.

There is a lack of knowledge about the cooperative business model; it is hardly taught in business classes. However, it is a testament to the reality that cooperation works. This all-day workshop will provide education and the opportunity for new ideas and greater opportunities for cooperation and benefits for communities.

Stephanie Mood is a retired teacher who has been on the Board of Ocean Beach People's Organic Food Co-op for four years, serving as chair of People's Planning Committee and as Secretary to the Board. She is inspired to teach others about this way of doing business as a means to build a more-equitable and sustainable community.

Ocean Beach People's Organic Food Market is a member-owned vegetarian consumer co-op that has been serving the community since 1972. Originally a worker's collective, the cooperative has grown to include 6,000 feet of retail space and more than 13,500 member/owners. People's Co-op is the primary underwriter of our School-to-Farm Field Trip Program, which brings over 1500 school kids to Wild Willow Farm each year.

Join the Wild Willow Farm Share CSA

Now enrolling for Full and Half Shares

Pickups at Mission Hills Nursery, Wild Willow Farm or Chula Vista Yoga Center

Click here for more info or to join.

You are invited to become a Wild Willow Farm Shareholder. Wild Willow Farm Shares are our version of a CSA -- Community Supported Agriculture. Shareholders receive a weekly box of vegetables and greens, with occasional fruits, cut flowers and herbs, as the seasons change. Exact amounts and varieties will vary, but we aim for consistent volume.

Shares are sold in advance of the growing season to help cover many of the farm's upfront costs, like seed, supplies and equipment.

Full Share: $30 box every week for 12 weeks = $360
Half Share: $30 box every other week for 12 weeks = $180

Boxes for both Full and Half Shares are $30/each, and are the same size.
You may join any time shares are available.

Pickup Locations, Day and Time

Mission Hills Nursery
1525 Fort Stockton Dr., 92103.
Pickups are Wednesdays, 3 to 4:30pm.

Wild Willow Farm & Education Center
2550 Sunset Avenue, 92154 (not a mailing address)
Pickups are Wednesdays, 2 to 6pm.

Chula Vista Yoga Center
255 E Street, Chula Vista 91910
Pickups are Wednesdays, 5 to 9pm

Duane Morris, LLC
(private drop for Duane Morris employees)
Pickups are Wednesdays, 2:30 to 4:30pm

Planting a seed is a commitment to the future.
We appreciate your interest in sharing this commitment and invite you to join our community.

Volunteer at Wild Willow Farm

Open Volunteering at Wild Willow Farm
every Saturday, 11am to 4pm (rain cancels)

No experience necessary. Everyone welcome. Come to the farm and participate in your food system as we grow and build Wild Willow Farm. Help us develop our farming and teaching areas, plant seeds, build and plant beds, make compost, mulch paths, do general farm maintenance, install irrigation, and do the myriad things a farmer does while preparing and growing San Diego seasonal plantings of vegetables, greens, medicinal and culinary herbs and cover crops.

On-farm chores vary widely week to week and depend entirely on what's happening at the farm that day. Usual activities include composting (hand-on learning every week), watering, bed prep, weeding, mulching, animal care, planting and tending a huge range of plants and more.

We welcome people of all ages and abilities, but please leave your pets at home.

Click here for more details.

Workshop Introduction to Cheesemaking

Name of Attendee

After making your RSVP, you will be sent a confirmation and further instructions. RSVP fees are not refundable unless the class is cancelled, or we are notified of your non-attendance 48 hours before the class.

Maximum class size: 25. RSVP to reserve your spot. Minimum class size: 10. if not enough have registered two days before the class, class will be cancelled and your fees will be returned. No refunds for non-attendance unless we're notified 48 hours before the workshop.

with Virginia Masters

Saturday, May 17, 2 to 4pm

A potluck day workshop

In The Barn @ Wild Willow Farm

click here for a map (we recommend you use our map)

Course Fee: $30 w/RSVP, $35 walkup (cash or check only).

Lets meet up and learn how to make cheese at Wild Willow Farm!

Veteran cheese maker Virginia Masters will demonstrate how to make cheese using cow or goat milk.

Virginia will demo how to make soft cheeses and basic principles, supplies and equipment will be explained. We will taste samples of cheeses that can be made at home. This class will prepare participants to attend small group cheese making workshops with hands-on cheese making.

For more information on these advanced classes, please visit Virginia's website.