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Events and Happenings at Wild Willow Farm

Wild Willow Farm Dinner

A Cosecha Pop-up Vegetarian Dinner
with Chef Steve Brown

Five exquisite vegetarian courses, from produce grown at Wild Willow Farm

Saturday, January 21
cocktails 6:15pm, first course 7pm
Tickets: $120.00

Hey Farm-ily!! By popular demand we are having our first Vegetarian Cosecha on Saturday, January 21, sourced on produce grown at Wild Willow Farm. Vegan option available by special request.

The exquisitely prepared and presented five-course, prix fixe meal takes place in the Cosecha dinning room at the rear of the former Shima building in Coronado. Mel Lions, founder of WWF, will be in attendance. This one-of-a-kind, farm-driven dinning experience will be paired with baja wines. We hope to see you there!

Click here for tickets.

Holistic Winter Orchard Care

Holistic Winter Orchard Care

taught by Paul Maschka

Three Sundays, Feb. 12, 19, 26,
9am to 3pm

3-class course at Wild Willow Farm
First class is a prerequisite for the following classes.

This course is open to all levels of students and the general public.

This course introduces students to fruit tree selection, planting and care for small-scale orchards or home gardens. The course includes content about desirable varieties, hands-on pruning and training methods and details on pest management. The emphasis is on organic production methods. This course is intended for students interested in organic agricultural production, edible landscaping, agroecological education and sustainable plant husbandry.

Farm School

Farming 101
Introduction to Small-scale
Regenerative Farming

Six-week Course
13 classes | Wed. evening in the city, Saturday at the farm

Winter 2017 Session
begins Saturday, February 4
ends Saturday, March 18

Mandatory Orientation
Sat., February 4, 9am to 4pm at Wild Willow Farm

FIELD LABS at Wild Willow Farm

Saturdays, 9am-4pm Feb.4 to Mar. 18

CLASSES at University of San Diego (Linda Vista)

Wednesdays, 7pm-9pm Feb. 8 to Mar. 15

Total Tuition: $650 (includes $100 enrollment fee)

EARLYBIRD DISCOUNT* of $50 if you enroll early.
Enrollment Fee is non-refundable and required for enrollment. Tuition includes textbook.

*Earlybird Enrollment Deadline: midnight January 21, 2017

Wild Willow Farm's Farming 101: Introduction to Small-scale Regenerative Farming course offers students an introduction to techniques and strategies for small farming or agricultural advocacy, or to simply grow more of their own food.

Learn more.

This six-week, two-day-per-week course is offered several times each year. With a horticultural and practical focus, students learn about soil fertility; tool use; till and no-till strategies; composting; sowing and transplanting; principles of irrigation; and pests, pathogens and beneficials. The last class is a discussion about building farm resiliency and a farm's relationship to many systems we must interact with: governmental, social, commercial, educational and regulatory. Classes are held on the campus of the University of San Diego on Wednesday evenings, with field classes and labs at Wild Willow Farm on Saturdays. This course is a prerequisite to becoming a Tier 1 Farming Student.

2017 Course Dates

Winter Session Farming 101
Introduction to Small-scale Regenerative Farming

Six weeks: February 4 to March 18
Mandatory Orientation: Saturday, February 4
Classes: Wed. @ USD: 7pm-9pm, Feb. 8 to Mar. 15
Labs: Sat. @ WWF: Feb. 4 to Mar. 18
Earlybird Enrollment Deadline: January 21, midnight

Spring Session Farming 101
Introduction to Small-Scale Regenerative Farming

Six weeks: April 8 to May 20
Mandatory Orientation: Saturday, April 8
Wed. @ USD: 7pm-9pm, Apr. 12 to May 17
Sat. @ WWF: Apr. 8 to May 20
Earlybird Enrollment Deadline: March 18, midnight

Summer Session Farming 102
Vegetable Plant Families

Six Saturdays: May 27 to July 1
10am to 4pm at Wild Willow Farm


Volunteer at Wild Willow Farm

Volunteering at Wild Willow Farm
Hours: Saturdays, 10am to 3pm (wet weather cancels)



The farm is lovely and wet from rain,
but the driveway is treacherous.

No experience necessary.
No reservations required
(except as noted below).
Volunteer for all or a portion of the hours listed.

Open Volunteering is for individuals, families or friends in groups of five or fewer that need no additional facilitation and can be split up into tasks. Any group larger than five that wants to work together and requires special facilitation would be a Group Activity.

Information about Community Service Volunteering
Information about Volunteering with Children

Come to the farm and participate in your food system as we grow Wild Willow Farm. Often the best way to learn is by doing, and you'll get a taste of the myriad things a farmer does while preparing and growing San Diego seasonal plantings of vegetables, greens, medicinal and culinary herbs and cover crops.

On-farm chores vary widely week to week and depend entirely on what's happening at the farm that day. Usual activities include composting (hands-on learning every week), watering, bed prep, weeding, mulching, animal care, planting and tending a huge range of plants and more.

No reservations are required. We've got gloves, tools and tasks; please come prepared for sunshine, cold, heat and working in the dirt. We have bugs too, so please bring any medications you need for that. This is especially important with small children.
Appropriate attire: closed-toe shoes (no sandals), long pants and sleeves, sun hat.
Bring: sunscreen, drinking water, snacks or lunch. Please pack out your trash and recyclables.

We welcome people of all ages and abilities, but please leave your pets at home.


We are open for school community service hours. If you are under 18, please arrive with a parent or guardian to check you in and give you permission to participate (parents/guardians do not need to stay). Please let us know at check-in if you need us to sign-off on your required paperwork.

Court-Ordered Community Service Hours for Youth (17 and under): Youth may volunteer on the farm to fulfill court-ordered community service hours on a case-by-case basis only. Prior to coming to the farm, interested youth and parents must contact the volunteer coordinator by e-mail to make arrangements. This communication will help us make sure that the young person and our staff are prepared for the service hours. We will not verify any court-ordered service without prior arrangement.

Court-Ordered Community Service Hours for Adults: At this time, we do not allow court-ordered community service hours for adults.


You may bring kids of any age you feel suitable to be around a farm, including contact with dirt, bugs, biting ants, thistles and burrs, farm animals, tools, and nature. Rest assured we do not use any harmful chemicals on the soil or food we grow. Children must remain under your direct supervision or awareness at all times; we'll do our best to find appropriate activities for your family. Please no unacompanied children unless by prior arrangement, such as for school service hours. Wild Willow Farm does not offer childcare services and the farm is not a playground.

Volunteering with children under 10 years old: Volunteering activities are limited for younger children on the farm. We offer participation in a variety of activities, but it is important to note that children under the age of 10 are not permitted to volunteer in our vegetable fields. When available, volunteer activities for young children include feeding our goats and chickens, assisting with compost activities, weeding, and seed-saving. 

Although volunteer activities are limited, your time on the farm is not. Young children and parents are welcome to visit the farm during public volunteer hours to walk, observe things happening on the farm, meet our animals, or even enjoy a picnic lunch in our barn.