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Urban Farming & Homesteading Classes at Wild Willow Farm

Farming 102: Plant Families

Cool Season Crops

Farming 102 dives deeply into the plant families we call food. The more you know about the plants, the better you will be at growing them.

Class 1: Daisy (Beets), Sweet Potato, Okra
Saturday, February 24

(beet, chard, spinach, amaranth, quinoa, sweet potato)

Class 2: Onion & Parsley Families
Saturday, March 3

(onion, garlic, chives, leek, carrot, parsley, celery, parsnip)

Class 3: Brassica Family,
Saturday, March 10

(Broccoli, Kale, Cabbage, Radish, Collards, Cauliflower, Arugula, Brussel Sprouts +)

Farming 101

Farming 101
Introduction to Small-scale
Regenerative Farming

Seven-week Course, two days/week
7 F
ield Labs, Saturdays 9am to 4pm at Wild Willow Farm
6 Classes, Wednesdays 7pm to 9pm in central San Diego

2018 Course Dates

Spring 2018 Mar. 17 to April 28
Fall 2018 Sep. 29 to Nov. 10

Tuition: $700 (includes $100 enrollment fee. Early enrollment discount available.)

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Wild Willow Farm's Farming 101: Introduction to Small-scale Regenerative Farming course offers students an introduction to techniques and strategies for small farming or agricultural advocacy, or to simply grow more of their own food.

VGSD: Gardening for Apartments and Small Spaces

Saturday, March 24, 9am to 1pm

in Golden Hill (address provided upon enrollment)

Just because you live in an apartment doesn't mean you can't grow your own greens!

Class topics include:

Container Growing: Upcycle (wine crates, dresser drawers, bookcase, wood pallets) or build your own to fit your space.

Starting Seeds & Soil.

Micro-greens 101: They don't need sunlight, can be eaten 14 days after germination, and contain up to 40 times higher levels of vital nutrients than their mature counterparts!

Vermicomposting: Worm composting helps you reduce waste, makes excellent quick compost, and can be done in small spaces like under your sink! No need to turn or tend to compost piles.

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Class Information: Class size is limited to ensure maximum participation. Acceptance into the class is on a first paid/first served basis. Walk-up purchases the day of class will be an additional $5 so make sure you purchase by 11:30PM the night before class! Space is not guaranteed if you have not purchased a ticket online.

Classes for the urban farmer, backyard gardener, homesteader, and anyone who grows or eats food.

You eat food every day. Why not grow and eat the best?

Wild Willow Farm has classes that teach techniques and strategies for making most of your organic garden, expand your knowledge of food and how to grow and prepare it, or to find effective ways to provide healthy, delicious food for your family.

Classes are open to the general public.

Class Calendar

More classes being scheduled. Check back often!