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Urban Farming & Homesteading Classes at Wild Willow Farm

Classes & Courses

2017 Class Schedule

Holistic Summertime
Orchard Care

with focus on Deciduous Fruit Trees

taught by Paul Maschka

Saturday, August 26
9am to 3pm

at Wild Willow Farm

Tuition: $65 Eventbrite - Holistic Fruit Tree Care

This course is open to all levels of students.

This course introduces students to fruit tree selection, planting and care for backyard fruit trees or a small-scale orchard. The course includes content about desirable varieties, hands-on pruning and training methods and details on pest management. The emphasis is on organic production methods and is intended for students interested in organic agricultural production, edible landscaping, agroecological education and sustainable plant husbandry. 

The class will be an introduction covering the general information, but our main focus will be on summer training and pruning practice of deciduous trees. We will grow your confidence with hands-on pruning and training practice and tree anatomy observation.

Farming 101
Introduction to Small-scale
Regenerative Farming

Now Enrolling: Fall Six-week Session

NEW DATES: Sep 30 to Nov 11

Field Labs Saturdays 9am to 4pm at Wild Willow Farm
Classes Wednesday 7pm to 9pm in central San Diego

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Wild Willow Farm's Farming 101: Introduction to Small-scale Regenerative Farming course offers students an introduction to techniques and strategies for small farming or agricultural advocacy, or to simply grow more of their own food.


Classes for the urban farmer, backyard gardener, homesteader, and anyone who grows or eats food.

You eat food every day. Why not grow and eat the best?

Wild Willow Farm has classes that teach techniques and strategies for making most of your organic garden, expand your knowledge of food and how to grow and prepare it, or to find effective ways to provide healthy, delicious food for your family.

Classes are open to the general public.

Class Calendar

More classes being scheduled. Check back often!