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Wild Willow Farm & Education Center Achievment Reports

2016 Achievements

2014 Achievements

2013 Achievements

2012 Achievements

2011 Achievements

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Wild Willow Farm's 2013 Achievments

Thanks to the steady support of our visionary community, Wild Willow Farm took major strides forward in 2013. We give grateful thanks to you -- our community -- for making this year so successful, and for helping change the foodscape in our region!

We've got more to do. Click here to see our goals for 2014.

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2013 Agricultural Achievements

Hired local sustainable agriculture advisor Scott Murray to develop an agriculturally, economically and environmentally sustainable farm plan, and began its implementation. Portions of this include:
Installing a perimeter fence around production areas of farm, allowing us to keep the bunnies at bay and expand production of food for people. This is the major improvement that effectuated all other accomplishments.

Mapped and began developing our fields with production efficiency in mind.

Implemented a farm production plan, including using a software-based farm planning tool to help guide production.

Planned and installed a water-efficient irrigation system for fields and orchards.

Consolidated working areas to maximize use of space for production efficiency.

Began development of our back fields in preparation of farm expansion in 2014.

Restarted our Farmshare CSA.

Acquired our Farm Certification and sold at the Imperial Beach Farmers Market over the summer

2013 Educational Achievements

Field Trips

Hosted 1513 students and chaperones via field trips, including 469 from Dana Middle School under the Ocean Beach People's Organic Food Co-op's sponsorship. We receive consistent high marks from students, teachers and parents who participate.

Hosted 400 adults and high-school students for educational work trips. Participants get a farm tour that explains what we do and why we do it, then get their hands dirty in on-farm activities. This is beginning to catch on with local high-school students who must complete community service hours for graduation.

Farm School

Enrolled and trained 80 students in our tuition-based Basics of Sustainable Agriculture courses. Our 12-week course includes classroom time, text books, tests and field practicums. We are training our region's future farmers.

Other educational programs

Created the Children's Garden at Wild Willow Farm through a partnership with the Maria Montessori School in Clairemont. This partnership has students at the farm once a month to plan and grow food.

Initiated Family Homesteading Classes to enable parents with young children to visit the farm during the week and for hand-on education; program includes day-care with age-appropriate nature education.

Restarted our Food for Thought Free Film series in conjunction with Casa de Luz vegan restaurant in North Park.

Worked with Pacific College of Oriental Medicine on creating a student-led Chinese Medicinal garden.

2013 Community Achievements

We completed our bathrooms, making everyone's experience better. No more porta-potty!

Over 900 people attended our themed Community Potlucks featuring free workshops, farm tour, organic sourdough vegetarian wood-fired pizzas and bonfire.

Hired a Volunteer Coordinator to work with the increasing numbers of community members that come to Wild Willow Farm to get their hands dirty and learn about sustainable agriculture. This staffer allowed us to double the number of volunteer days per month. On average, 12 people volunteer at the farm every Saturday.

Held the second-annual Wild Willow Farm 5K and Vegetarian Chili-Brewfest, with over 350 runners, 500 participants, and raising over $1600 for purchase of our tractor.

Hosted two farm-themed weddings, exposing about 400 people to our farm and work.

Doubled our social media following by developing twitter, facebook, and instagram content.

Wild Willow Farm's 2012 Achievements


Named "Non-profit of the Year" by Edible San Diego, June 2012.

Presented with the 2012 Stand For Sam Award at the San Diego Earthworks 2012 E.A.R.T.H. Awards by farm pioneers Scott and Laura Murray and Sam Murray's Future Farm Foundation.


Hired two farmers, tripled the amount of land in production, and continued to develop new areas for farming.

Expanded trunk-line irrigation to our western-most fields, orchards and goat yard.
Planted over 90 fruit trees.

Steadily increased sales to local restaurants and markets, and created the Wild Willow Farmshare program, our version of a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). Currently we have eleven members, with a list eagerly awaiting our growing production.


Increased field trip capacity with potential to host up to 70 field trips per year: 1500+ kids projected for this school year. Field trips average 30-40 kids. We have 12 field trips scheduled or completed this fall, including OB People's Co-op sponsored trips, and many more booking for Spring 2013.

Began developing the Wild Willow School for Sustainable Farming, an educationally focused training program for our area's future farmers and the only sustainable agriculture school south of Santa Barbara. Our first class, Fall 2012, had sixteen participants.

Hired Paul Maschka as farm school instructor to give weekly classes and instructional labs on the farm for our farm-school students.

Doubled Education Coordinator Lisa Ordóñez's hours to accommodate increased demand for field trips, educational programs, and Wild Willow School for Sustainable Farming.


Began accommodating an increasing demand for more volunteer-oriented trips for older youth, high school, and college students, where participants do actual farm work.

Booked several local businesses for fee-based workplace volunteer/teambuilding activities, some of which included a farm lunch.


Continued to develop the Wild Willow Farm barn facility and began hosting private and corporate events.

Established the WWF Goat Co-operative to develop a plan to increase our goat population and prepare for milk production in Spring 2013. Goats eat weeds, and we have plenty! Goat droppings also benefit the soil.

Agreed to host Suzie's Farm-sponsored field trips at Wild Willow Farm. As a result, in October almost 700 people toured WWF and earned the farm $2700 in fees. (The Navy, which leases the land that Suzie's farms, recently told them they cannot allow public tours or events on that land. Suzie's turned to us for help and we agreed to move their already-booked trips to WWF, giving us exposure to Suzie's vast network and community of supporters.)

2012 Major Donors

June 2011 to current: Field Trip Underwriting Grant of $1000 monthly from Ocean Beach People's Organic Food Co-op.

Hosted the Wild Willow Farm 5K, Chili Cookoff and Homebrew Competition, attracting over 300 participants and raising $2300; and a $1005 donation from proceeds of the Resolution Run. Both events were produced by local race company Sandy Feet Events.

Received a $2200 donation from Edible San Diego, a result of the first Eat Drink Local Week events.

Planted 60 fruit trees and grape vines donated by The Gerson Institute in honor of Charlotte Gerson's 90th birthday, plus a $1000 donation to install necessary irrigation lines to the orchard.

Recipient of $3300 in cost-share funding from the Natural Resouce Conservation Service for projects that support ecological farming practices.

Received over $5000 in donations from a private retiree.

Received donation of $2500 from the Hervey Family Trust at The San Diego Foundation.

Received a $4000 grant from the Foundation for Sustainability & Innovation to develop the Wild Willow Farm Seed Bank.

$5000 in support from employees of the Kashi Company.

2012: Created a crowdsource fundraising campaign to improve our restrooms.

If you too would like to support our work, please click here.

2011 Achievements

With your enthusiastic support, our second year at Wild Willow Farm & Education Center saw lots of growth and development in our programs and facility:


Established the farm field trip program and had over 1000 participants.

Established a college-credit sustainable farming internship and taught 18+ interns

Formed a partnership with SoCal Shrooms for mushroom growing and workshops.

Made the farm home to a large flock of chickens and ducks, and two friendly goat.s

Became a Regional Garden Education Center and taught over 50 people in gardening basics.


Built a fantastic outdoor kitchen with wood-fired pizza oven.

Received a donated trailer and established our farm office, library, and storage.

Assembled a donated greenhouse and put it to work.

Installed over 1000 feet of main-line irrigation and necessary plumbing system upgrades.


Hired our new educational coordinator, Lisa Ordóñez.


Held 13 pubilic classes & worshops, including cooking, mushroom growing, beekeeping, natural building, fermentation, canning your harvest and more.

Invited community participation with eight monthly farm potlucks.

Hosted over 150 people at the second-annual Art of Agriculture Harvest Festival.

Hosted the Border Binational Health Week Inaugural Event.